Pipe Dreams Plumbing - Plumber in the Romsey area of Cambridge.

Pipe Dreams is a local Cambridge Plumbing & Heating company specialising in all types of plumbing & heating in Cambridge and the surrounding areas.  Being based in Sawston, on the southern fringe of the city, we are ideally placed to offer our full range of services in south Cambridge, including Romsey.

If you are in the Romsey area of Cambridge and have any plumbing work to be done, Pipe Dreams Plumbing are the perfect choice.  We can offer a free, no obligation quote for any plumbing job you need to have done in Cambridge area.  Whether you need a minor repair to your plumbing, or a major installation of pipe work, Pipe Dreams can help.

Pipe Dreams' Bathroom design, bathroom installation and wetroom services are second to none.  From changing your bath taps, to a complete bathroom re-design, or even the creation of a new en-suite shower room, Pipe Dreams are practical, solutions focussed plumbers who will work with you to get the result you dream of!

To find out more about Pipe Dreams Plumbing in the Romsey area of Cambridge, visit our contact page - we look forward to hearing from you.