Pipe Dreams Heating

Pipe Dreams Plumbing, Cambridge are local experts in pipe based heating systems.  This includes traditional radiator based central heating systems as well as piped underfloor heating.

Whether you require a new radiator in your conservatory or you want to replace your existing radiators or pipe work, Pipe Dreams Plumbing Cambridge are the perfect choice.

If your central heating system isn't working to its full potential, it might benefit from the application of a specialist cleaning agent.  This will remove any silt or dirt in the system which could be restricting the flow of water.  Here at Pipe Dreams Plumbing we strongly recommend the use of cleaners & inhibiters to combat dirty heating systems.

The other great tool available to clear out a slow running heating system is a power flush.  This is often a warranty requirement when installing a new boiler, but is also good for the operational health of your heating system.

If your Cambridge central heating system needs some TLC, or you need a new central heating system near Cambridge or a replacement radiator in Cambridgeshire, contact Pipe Dreams today.