Pipe Dreams Plumbing - Gas Boiler work

Pipe Dreams Plumbing are happy to carry out any works to a gas boiler.  This can involve regular servicing, one off diagnostics & repairs, or the installation of a new boiler in your house.

A boiler has the potential to be the most dangerous thing in your house.  If it is left unchecked it could be releasing carbon monoxide into your home, or could be leaking gas.

We strongly recommend that all gas boilers are serviced on an annual basis to ensure their safety and to check for any parts which need replacing or repairing.  Experience shows us that boilers often break down at the time you need them most.

Some companies offer expensive annual contracts for your peace of mind, at Pipe Dreams we just offer good, honest service and reasonable prices.  We won't replace something for the sake of it and and we won't use pressure sales tactics.

Contact Pipe Dreams Plumbing today to talk to us about your boiler.